Protect Kids.

We are educators and advocates. While we champion the right of EVERY child to have access and equity to explore the wonders of STEAM enrichment, the right of every kid to be safe and protected is the most basic and fundamental right we ALL must fight for. TODAY.

As it often happens, youth are at the forefront of a powerful social change moment, leading the way to societal enlightenment and progress.

We stand with them. Not one more. Enough.

March For Our Lives . . . #GOODTROUBLE

Justis + Luckie

About The Artist

“I wanted to honor Black youth who have been fighting gun violence, not just from school shootings, but from the police and white supremacists. If we give guns to teachers, Black students are going to be hurt and criminalized the most. As a white artist, it’s my responsibility to speak out against racism and work in solidarity with racial justice organizations.” – Micah Bazant

Download the poster here.


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