We See Genius Too . . .

Though I never imagined a life in the District of Columbia (I’m a country girl at heart), I can’t help feeling I’m EXACTLY where I should be; doing EXACTLY what I should do.

Life shifted for my family in 2017, and as disruptive as the road has been, I can’t shake the notion everything happened to allow our path to lead us here.

FUELSTEAM is no accident and the fact so many of us (parents, educators, techies, advocates, activists, artists) have committed to resolving the OPPORTUNITY and EQUITY gaps impacting young people of color in respect to technology and computational skills development, is no coincidence.

We’re nearing the end of the 21st Century and face a harsh reality — the field remains severely unbalanced and inadequate. We know now . . . WE ARE THE CHANGE we’ve been waiting for.

I stumbled upon a video this morning that [surprisingly] choked me up from Oakland’s The Hidden Genius Project.

It’s not the first time their work and leadership in this space has given me pause and inspiration! I share the TechCrunch Sessions: Justice panel discussion, “Why Code Matters for Underrepresented Youth” frequently; it features HGP Founding Executive Director Brandon Nicholson dropping much food for thought.

Seeing these young men embracing their genius moved me. Because they believe they can, they will. Because they’ve had access and opportunity to nurture their genius, they see who they are. There is a bigger picture and a clearer future.

The gift of empowerment and confidence shines through every word and laugh!

Team FUEL has so much work to do. I’m thankful we’re not standing alone! There are MANY role and program models to look to. With their light, lessons, and alliances, we’ll map our own pipeline to success.

And don’t worry Video Analysts Jason Brown and Josiah Harris, you are not hidden to us! We see your genius too . . .



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