Today is the 30th anniversary of Pi Day, a sacred holiday of mathematicians celebrated worldwide on March 14th (3/14).

Pi (Greek letter “π”) is the symbol used in mathematics to represent a constant — the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter — which is approximately 3.14159. Pi has been calculated to over one trillion digits beyond its decimal point.

Maybe it’s just a coincidence but 3/14 also marks the birth of Theoretical Physicist Albert Einstein and the death of Astrophysicist Stephen Hawking, two of the greatest scientific minds the world has ever known.

So be it you take this opportunity to ponder the mysteries of 3.14, the possibility of physicist reincarnation or enjoy the $3.14 FREEBIES always available on this day, just take a minute to enjoy some pie on us (and Pillsbury)!


Yep . . . make no mistake! We are PROUD nerds over here! #PiDay2018

Luckie + Justis


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