A Wrinkle In Time . . .

A Wrinkle In Time, directed by Ava DuVernay, opens this weekend and I am excited to finally take in this new adventure with my 10.5 year old dreamer, Jai.

In so many ways Jai reminds me of Meg Murry, the main character played by actress Storm Reid. Strong-willed, deep thinking, and as puberty makes its entrance, much more self-conscious than the lighthearted, clumsy, little kid she’s always been.

Meg [and Jai] remind me of how much support, encouragement and love brown girls need when navigating this life journey. Our girls need a buffer; a circle . . . a hand to hold.

Our girls often need to be reminded of just how divine, smart and powerful they are. They are MAGIC.

That’s why I am particularly in love with and thankful for, this point in [our] time. At every turn we’re witnessing brown and black people who look and sound like us, accomplishing AMAZING feats! We are seen. We are heard. Every reflection different, glorious and empowering.

Meg [and Jai] remind me I too, am Meg. To be patient with the process and open to all the possibilities. To let the unknowns and unexplored excite me.

Life is an adventure, for all of us. After waiting pretty impatiently, we’re ready to travel with Meg.

Offering up my time, support, love and hand to hold.

Embracing my wrinkle in [this] time . . .



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