The Journey Begins

As black and brown folks everywhere revel in the African-descended glory of Black Panther and lush landscape of Wakanda, we should take time — lots of it! — to reflect on the impact of Princess Shuri, our chocolate-hued, teen-aged, brilliant, defiant, quick witted, CHIEF ENGINEER, who equips King T’Challa (her big bro) with the futuristic technology required to protect his throne and nation.

Shuri is the embodiment of GIRL POWER and self confidence; her intelligence and innovative thinking affording her rightful claim as the smartest PERSON in not only Wakanda, but in all the Marvel Universe!

Like writer LaVita Tuff of Blavity, seeing Shuri’s BGM on full display made us think of all the Shuris [and T’Challas] moving among us that go unnoticed and under-supported. We (parents, peers, educators and community) must work to engage and empower Shuris everywhere. Every black/brown girl deserves the opportunity to reach her full potential. Every young person deserves light to SHINE.

Praise to filmmakers Ryan Coogler and Ava DuVernay, delivering culturally-empowering imagery to movie screens that leave us overflowing with pride. Props to organizations like Black Girls Code, Code2040, The Hidden Genius Project and Yes We Code working to equip young people of color with STEM skills necessary to become the real-life heroes of their own stories. INCREDIBLE work is being done but these community champions must not stand alone.

REPRESENTATION matters and it will take the ENTIRE VILLAGE to deliver it. There is much work to do.

Representation SHURI.jpg large

Yes LaVita, we need to talk about Princess Shuri and her lasting impact on girls’ interest in technology.

We Need To Talk About The Significance Of Princess Shuri And Seeing A Black Girl In STEM, is worth the read. Fueling the genius (and hope) of youth most often under and/or misrepresented is worthy of our collective time.

“We must find a way to look after each other, as if we were one single tribe.” — T’Challa


Luckie + Justis

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